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By Arek Hersh MBE

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How do you live to tell the tale while you’re eleven years previous and all of your family members were taken from you and killed? How do you still stay, whilst every thing round you is designed to make sure definite demise? Arek Hersh tells his tale easily and truthfully, a relocating account of a bit boy who made his personal success and survived. he is taking us into the tragic global imposed on him that robbed him of his formative years. The intensity of the tragedy, energy of braveness and gear of survival will stream you and encourage you. opposite to assertions that the Holocaust years have been a trifling ‘detail of history’, Arek Hersh supplies us a glimpse into the best disaster that guy has ever inflicted on his fellow guy.

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As we neared the forest we passed a small white building, where we were stopped by two Kanarki - military policemen. They asked us where we were going, then asked my father for his papers as he was of military age. He handed the papers over, and after reading them they informed him that there was no way he could get to his military base as Poland was at war. Half an hour later, they let my father go, and we continued walking for another three kilometres. From a distance we saw a small wooden farmhouse, which, as we approached, we could see was surrounded by a fruit orchard.

It was a lovely sight. Often we used to hang onto the backs of sleighs and be pulled along until the driver spotted us. Then he would lash out with his whip, and we of course would let go quickly. Another trick of mine was to tie the rope of my sledge onto the back of a horse-drawn sleigh when the driver was not looking. This way I used to travel many kilometres without the driver being aware of me. On these occasions all that could be seen of the driver would be a small part of his face. It would be so cold that icicles would hang down from his beard and moustache.

After staying with our relatives for two days, father decided we should move on to Lodz, our final destination, where some of our other cousins lived. We said our goodbyes, then took a tram around the corner from our relatives. My sister Mania took us to the station, kissed us goodbye, and we were on our way once again. We had to stand on the tram as it was packed with people. I remember we passed numerous grey ugly buildings. After journeying for an hour, we arrived in the city of Lodz. Lodz was a large, ugly, industrialised city, with a pre-war population of about 700,000 people.

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