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At court Zhao Gao intrigued against Li Si, who was executed by being cut in two at the market-place at Xianyang. Zhao Gao's political ascendancy increased to such an extent that in 207 Be he was able to force the Second Emperor to go into retirement and then to commit suicide. Two months later the new emperor had Zhao Gao killed, but by then the empire was lost and he was forced to submit to Liu Bang, one of the rebel leaders, who became the first emperor of the Former Han dynasty. Early in the following century a poet and statesman named Jia Yi wrote an essay entitled 'The Faults of Qin', an analysis of the reasons for the precipitous fall of the Qin dynasty.

It has been suggested that Mozi's 16 A HISTORY OF CHINA family may have come from a class of prisoners or slaves, for there is a degree of rancour in his attack on Confucianists as aristocrats. Whereas Confucius had stressed what was described as 'graded love', implying reserving a greater concern for one's family and ancestors than for other people, Mozi urged men to practise universal love. By this he meant in particular the satisfaction of the ordinary people's material needs, and he condemned elaborate funerals and prolonged mourning as inappropriate expenses.

It did not know that it was Zhuangzi. Suddenly he awoke with a start and he was Zhuangzi again. But he did not know whether he was Zhuangzi who had dreamed that he was a butterfly, or whether he was a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuangzi. Between Zhuangzi and the butterfly there must be some distinction. That is what is called the transformation of things. IO In all this philosophical activity Confucius's teaching was not forgotten and its main themes were to be re-stated by Mengzi, known in the West as Mencius, who lived between 372 and 289 BC.

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