Robert H. Thurston's A history of the growth of the steam-engine PDF

By Robert H. Thurston

This selection of literature makes an attempt to collect some of the vintage, undying works that experience stood the attempt of time and supply them at a discounted, reasonable fee, in an enticing quantity in order that everybody can take pleasure in them.

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His devices seem to have usually been modifications of the now familiar force pump. They attracted much attention, and exhibitions were made of them before the king and queen and the court. He was sent to France on business relating to water works erected for King Charles, and while in Paris he constructed pumps and pumping apparatus for the satisfaction of Louis XIV. html (23 of 47)10/26/2006 12:30:20 Chapter 1 power of steam. He says, in the latter: " Water being evaporated by fire, the vapors require a greater space (about two thousand times) than that occupied by the water; and, rather than submit to imprisonment, it will burst a piece of ordnance.

And that the nation, which had an exceptional natural aptitude for mechanical pursuits, should have been prompted by the example of its king to enter upon such a course as resulted in the early attainment of an advanced position in all branches of applied science. The appointment, under Sir Robert Moray, the superintendent of the laboratory of the king, of Master Mechanic, was conferred upon Sir Samuel Morland, a nobleman who, in his practical knowledge of mechanics and in his ingenuity and fruitfulness of invention, was apparently almost equal to Worcester.

Papin made another boiler having a flue winding through the water space, and presenting a heating surface of nearly 80 square feet. The flue had a length of 21 feet, and was about 10 inches square. It is not stated what were the maximum pressures carried on these boilers; but it is known that Papin had used very high pressures in his digesters-probably between 1,200 and 1,000 pounds per square inch. In the year 1705, Leibnitz, then visiting England, had seen a Savery engine, and, on his return, described it to Papin, sending him a sketch of the machine.

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