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"There isn't one web page of this spell binding e-book which doesn't comprise whatever to curiosity the typical reader in addition to the intense pupil. appeared easily as a historical past of flora, it provides to the thrill of the country." — B. E. Todd, Spectator.
If you need to understand how pleurisy root, lungwort, and abscess root obtained their names, how poison ivy used to regard rheumatism, or how garlic guarded opposed to the Bubonic Plague, seek advice A sleek Herbal. This 20th-century model of the medieval Herbal is as wealthy in medical truth and folklore as its predecessors and is both encyclopedic in assurance. From aconite to zedoary, no longer an herb, grass, fungus, shrub or tree is neglected; and weird and lovely discoveries approximately even the most typical of crops look forward to the reader.
Traditionally, an natural mixed the folks ideals and stories approximately crops, the medicinal homes (and elements used) of the herbs, and their botanical category. yet Mrs. Grieve has prolonged and enlarged the culture; her insurance of asafetida, bearberry, broom, chamomile, chickweed, dandelion, dock, elecampane, almond, eyebright, fenugreek, moss, fern, figwort, gentian, Hart's tongue, indigo, acacia, jaborandi, kava kava, lavender, pimpernel, rhubarb, squill, sage, thyme, sarsaparilla, unicorn root, valerian, woundwort, yew, and so forth. — greater than 800 kinds in all — comprises additionally equipment of cultivation; the chemical elements, dosages, and arrangements of extracts and tinctures, unknown to prior herbalists; attainable financial and beauty homes, and distinctive illustrations, from root to bud, of 161 plants.
Of the various unparalleled vegetation lined in Herbal, possibly the main interesting are the toxic kinds — hemlock, poison oak, aconite, and so on. — whose poisons, sometimes, serve scientific reasons and whose antidotes (if identified) are given intimately. And of the numerous distinct good points, maybe the main fascinating are the masses of recipes and directions for making ointments, creams, sauces, wines, and fruit brandies like bilberry and carrot jam, elderberry and mint vinegar, sagina sauce, and cucumber lotion for sunburn; and the loads of prescriptions for tonics and liniments for bronchitis, arthritis, dropsy, jaundice, frightened pressure, pores and skin ailment, and different diseases. ninety six plates, 161 illustrations.

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The fresh root, like that of I. Germanica, is a powerful cathartic, and for this reason its juice has been employed in dropsy. It is chiefly used in the dry state, being said to be good for complaints of the lungs, for coughs and hoarseness, but is now more valued for the pleasantness of its violet-like perfume than for any other use. Fresh roots have an earthy smell, the characteristic violet odour is gradually developed during the drying process and does not attain its maximum for at least two years, and even intensifies after that time.

Fluid extract, to drachm. Baptism, 1 to 3 grains. O. Rubiaceæ Synonym. Cephaelis Ipecacuanha Part Used. Root Habitat. The root used in medicine under this name is that of a small, shrubby plant about a foot high, belonging to the order Rubiaceae, which is found in most parts of Brazil, growing in clumps or patches, in moist, shady woods. The drug is chiefly collected in the interior, in the province of Matto Grosso and near the German colony of Philadelphia, north of Rio de Janeiro. It is also found in New Granada and in Bolivia.

Alehoof. Gill-go-over-the-Ground. Haymaids. Tun-hoof. Hedgemaids. Lizzy-run-up-the-Hedge. Gill-go-by-the-Hedge. Cats-foot. Robin-run-in-the-Hedge Part Used. Herb Description. Ground Ivy is one of the commonest plants, flourishing upon sunny hedge banks and waste ground in all parts of Great Britain. The root is perennial, throwing out long, trailing, unbranched square stems, which root at intervals and bear numerous, kidney-shaped leaves of a dark green tint, somewhat downy with many-celled hairs, and having regular, rounded indentations on the margins.

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