Download e-book for kindle: A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology by Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala, Michael J. Leboffe, David

By Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala, Michael J. Leboffe, David Ferguson

ISBN-10: 0895827859

ISBN-13: 9780895827852

This publication is a full-color complement that gives pictures of preserved specimens and pictures taken at a variety of aquaria to supply insurance of organisms within the world's oceans. it really is designed to accompany any marine biology textual content or laboratory handbook. 3-hole drilled

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Compare the relative positions of the individual cells. (M) The entire Bacillaria colony can extend so that cells remain attached by only the smallest overlap. This is the same colony as in (k) and (l). m Chapter 4 Simple Eukaryotic, Planktonic, and Benthic Autotrophs 39 MITOSIS New cell Epitheca Asexual reproduction Frustule formation Zygote MITOSIS Hypotheca MITOSIS Cells’ division continues until cells become too small to divide Gamete from another DIPLOID (2n) MITOSIS HAPLOID (n) Gametes formed FERTILIZATION Gametes released Sexual reproduction MEIOSIS 4-9 Diatom Life Cycle The majority of diatom reproduction is by division of the diploid cells.

Chapter 3 Planktonic Heterotrophs 31 depend­ing on the species, but calcite, or cemented particles of sand, silt grains, or sponge spicules (Chapter 5), are common. Most tests are multichambered and superficially ­similar in appear­ance to a snail shell. The lightweight, fragile test and abundant spines increase the surface area-tovolume ratio and, therefore, help planktonic species remain buoyant within the photic (phot—light) zone. Forams contain two different types of nuclei, similar to ciliates.

The first is the oxygen gradient, which gets more and more anaerobic toward the bottom. As a result, obligate aerobes, microaerophiles, facultative anaerobes, and obligate anaerobes are found in different locations in the column. The second is the H2S gradient, which runs opposite in direction to the A Plastic wrap B Air Aerobic zone Water O2 gradient. The third factor is the diffuse light shined upon the column. This promotes growth of phototrophic organisms at levels in the column where they are adapted to the opposing O2 and H2S gradients.

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