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Through wing. (B-14) Fig. 3. Fucus. s. through mid-rib. Algae ostiole wall of the conceptacle Fig. 4. Fucus. s. through conceptacle. Exercise 4 Object : conceptacle. Study the structure of male Work procedure 10. Antheridia are located on highly branched antheridial hairs or on short hairs arising from the wall of the conceptacle. 11. Antheridium is stalked, unicellular, oval with double layered wall. 12. Antheridium produces many pear-shaped, uninucleate and biflagellate antherozoids. s. of male conceptacle.

It can be collected, almost from any standing or stagnant reservoir of water and occurs in fruiting state during early and late winters. Many species become encrusted with calcium carbonate and are rough and brittle. Chara owes its name 'Stone-worts' to calcium deposition. II. XANTHOPHYCEAE The member of xanthophyceae are simple, only the most advanced being filamentous. Chromatophores are yellow-green due to the predominance of l3-carotene. Pyrenoids are absent. Oil or leucosin is present instead of starch.

Plants may be monoecious or dioecious. 2. Antheridia are found in male conceptacles. 3. Conceptacles occur only in specialized branch system called receptacle or receptacular branch. 4. Male conceptacles are externally smooth. 5. Many conceptacles are found in a male receptacular branch. 6. Each conceptacle is a flask-shaped cavity opening by a pore called ostiole. 7. Wall of the conceptacle is made of small and flat cells rich in chromatophores. 8. Numerous multicellular hairs arising from near the ostiole project outside.

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