New PDF release: An Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants

By Arthur Cronquist

ISBN-10: 0231038801

ISBN-13: 9780231038805

-- Natural History

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Flava apicibus purpureis. Thunb. Diff. 1 9. mild. Sp. PI. i. 2 05. IXIA maculata. L. Mont. 2 0 ? Burman,jl. Capenf. Ait. Kew. i. 60. IXIA Milleri. Berg. fl. Cap. 8. quoad defcriptionem fedfg. i . non fig. 2. Milleri. IXIA capitata. Andr. JBot. Repof. 50. Ejufque Recenfionis. IXIA maculata. IXIA foliis gladiolatis glabris, floribuscorymbofis terminalibus. Mill. Icon. 1 56. /. i. SISYRINCHIUM africanum, majus flore luteo macula notato. Oldenland. Afr. 3 2. it. ~ i DESCR. Spike broad-thyrfiform ; rachis flexuofe, i—8 owered; fpathe membranaceous; outer valve broad-ovate, wner one narrower, bifid, both fhorter than the tube, and this |~~3 times fhorter than the limb, which is horizontally patent; -egments oblong-oval, firm, the outer ones fomewhat broadcft tkT m°re °btufe» generally fuffufed on the outfide towards _ e P°j" ts with crimfon, when folded up (which they are upon

It is beft to take up the bulbs the latter, end of September or Odober, and to keep them out of the ground till the Spring*. EKBEK GAWLER, Efq. | : affifted by the liberal C 533 ] WATSONIA ALETROIDES. ALETRIS-LIKE WATSONIA. Clajs and Order. TRIANDRIA MONOGYNIA. Generic Charafier. Spaiba adprefla. Corolla tubus gracilis : faux cyathiformicylindrica: limbus fexpartitus fubaequalis vel aequalis. ia fauce libera. Stigm. 3. gracilia bifida. Cap/. rigido-coriacea. Sent, oblongiufcula plurima. Gawler inedit.

7. 2. SPEC. friiff. 2. 462. «, Root annual, fibrous. Stem much branched at the s; leaves fmooth, alternate, doubly pmnaufid:•J'ffl"' iinear, fomewhat reflexed. Peduncles terminal, long, obloletely channelled. Calyx fubovate, imbricate ; fcales ovate, margimted, the internal ones largeft. Receptacle chaffy and hairy, the hairs coming off attached to the feed. Chaffs^involving the floret and nearly equal to it, perfiftent Radius about twelve-rayed, neuter, fterile, yellow within, and purple witnout.

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