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By Dharumadurai Dhanasekaran, Nooruddin Thajuddin, A. Panneerselvam

ISBN-10: 149871563X

ISBN-13: 9781498715638

Antimicrobials: man made and usual Compounds summarizes the most recent learn concerning the chances of an important usual antimicrobial compounds derived from a number of plant resources containing a wide selection of secondary metabolites. With accrued contributions from foreign topic specialists, it focuses totally on average items as a resource of bioactive compounds that could be energetic opposed to multidrug-resistant pathogens, supplying a substitute for proven antibiotics in controlling infectious diseases.

Covering a variety of marine, microbial, and plant-origin antimicrobials, the publication examines the usefulness of plant items containing antimicrobial molecules opposed to micro organism, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. It additionally experiences on strange assets of antimicrobials corresponding to animal fecal actinomycetes, actinobacteria, and cyanobacteria and discusses man made chemicals and biogenic nanoparticles.

The variety of drug-resistant micro organism is expanding, posing an important challenge to fashionable drugs. This publication explores a huge subject: discovering and employing substitute technique of pathogenic keep an eye on and remedy through traditional assets. it truly is a tremendous resource of knowledge for microbiologists, biotechnologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, botanists, marine biologists, and others serious about study on usual and artificial antimicrobial compounds. it's also an invaluable source for students, scientists, teachers, and scholars in numerous technology disciplines.

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